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AfroLandTV invites the world to share all the love, laughter, action, and adventure of the African diaspora. Our online streaming service allows viewers from around the globe to gain true insight of the Pan African lifestyles through films, television shows and documentaries.

In the first three years alone, AfroLandTV has introduced several hundred Pan African titles from around the world to include Oscar nominated film, It Wasn’t Me. Our global subscriber base continues to grow exponentially because we provide our viewers with an experience like no other streaming platform. Only on AfroLandTV can people explore their curiosities and Discover new cultures, Feel the emotions which bind us together as a unified populace, and Connect with others who are oceans away through a digital universe.

Like most of our content, sign-up is free! What are you waiting for?

Discover. Feel. Connect.


Redefine the world’s perception of those within the African diaspora through streaming premium Pan African content. We strive to dissolve cultural stereotypes within the film industry and society as a whole by displaying the unknown commonalities we share.

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