Content Criteria

Our focus is bringing quality content from the global Black diaspora. For submission purposes, content must be reviewed by our team and approved according to our content criteria. Please see our criteria below.

If content meets criteria, please send us trailer links or access to screener/s to [email protected]

Content requirements


Short and Feature form content accepted (Films, TV, Web series)

• Content must have relevance to the African Diaspora (US, Europe, Africa, Caribbean)

1. Black majority Cast and Crew

Films: must meet

1. Minimum length – 15 minutes, not including credits

Shows: must meet

1. Minimum length – 8 minutes per episode
2. Minimum season count – 4 episodes per season


Must Meet Production Value


• Cinematography

1. Quality color grading
2. Quality shots (non-shaky)

• Audio

1. Quality balance and clarity
2. Standard syncing
3. Quality dubbing or ADR work

• Direction

1. Well executed storyline
2. Good transitions